If your home’s trim and doors seem to have peeling or chipping paint, they’re looking old or worn out, or if your space just needs a refresh, then repainting your home’s trim and doors may be the next best step to take in order to give your home that fresh new feel again. However, there are various tips you should be aware of before taking on the job yourself to ensure that the finished product turns out right. Here at Cabinet Restoration Inc., the quality of your cabinets is most important to us!


Tips for repainting your trim and doors

  • Some tools will be required to get the job done, these include: a bucket, mask, sander, sanding block, paintbrush, paint roller, roller sleeve, paint scraper, roller tray, rags, putty knife, light, vacuum, utility knife
  • Additionally, materials such as paint, primer, foam brushes, and sandpaper will also be necessary
  • Pick a paint that speaks to you and that will look good with the rest of the colors in your home (consider that flat finishes create scuff marks and glossy finishes make flaws more noticeable)
  • Clean the surface and remove hardware
  • Fill any holes as necessary
  • Sand the surface until it is smooth before beginning the painting process
  • Use a vacuum to clean up the sanded area
  • Prime, and then paint with rollers for large areas and brushes for smaller areas
  • Allow time to dry for the majority of the day

Now that you know the basic process and tips for repainting your trim and doors, we hope your painting project will be an easier project to take on. If you have any further questions regarding your painting project, our services and/or prices offered, or any other general questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We’d love to hear from you.



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