Cabinet Restoration in Jefferson, CO

Cabinet Restoration in Jefferson

The truth is that whether you like to cook or not, your kitchen is your home’s most important place. The kitchen is the place that you visit and use the most. That’s why we want to talk to you about cabinet restoration in Jefferson.

Cabinet restoration allows you to save thousands of dollars by renewing your tear and wear cabinet finish to a new condition. Additionally, you don’t need to replace or reface to give your kitchen a brand new fashionable look.

If you live in Jefferson County in Colorado, then Cabinet Restoration is an option for you. It’s the right way to remodel your kitchen without paying the high price of a remodel.

How Do I Know if Cabinet Restoration Works for Me?

You may be wondering if you need to replace all of your cabinets. Likewise, you may be wishing you had the money to take your kitchen apart and rebuild it. We show you a few reasons why cabinet restoration might be a better idea for you.

  • First, if you have wooden cabinets and want to restore their original life and shine, cabinet restoration is cheaper. The price is almost half of refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets. 
  • Second, cabinet restoration takes 3-5 business days, depending on your kitchen’s size. Therefore, it is a quick process for home improvement. 
  • Third, cabinet restoration allows you to make the proper maintenance of your kitchen. Plus, it adds value to your home and can last at least ten years.
  • Four, changing one or two colors in your cabinets will give a complete change in your kitchen’s look and feel. And then you will fall in love with your kitchen again.
  • Five, cabinet restoration is the perfect opportunity to change some of your appliances and replace your countertop. Besides, it is also the ideal time for deep cleaning. 

Our team can assess you and take a look at your kitchen cabinetry. We meticulously check the shelves, face frames, drawers, and we will always tell you the truth! If you need to replace or reposition something, we will help you.

In case you still have questions, you can see some of our cabinet restoration job here. Maybe your dream kitchen is in those photos.

Cabinet Restoration Pricing in Jefferson

  If you want an estimate of the cabinet restoration cost, you can use these two factors:

  1. The linear foot of cabinetry.
  2. The number of doors.

  Regardless of the factor, cabinet restoration price always depends on your kitchen’s layout. However, our cabinet restoration service price is in the range of $ 1800 to $8,000. It includes minor repairs, eco-friendly materials, and professional painters’ service. If you need information about cabinet restoration pricing, please read our blog: How Much Does It Cost Cabinets Restoration? We provide professional cabinet restoration services in Jefferson County covering these cities: Lakewood, Arvada, and Westminster. 

How Is The Cabinet Restoration Process?

  The cabinet restoration process goes far beyond than just a coat of paint. Indeed, it has some general stages:

  • First, we take the cabinets off the hinges, and we label them! Conclusion this sounds relatively easy, but it is an important one because you can’t refinish them while still hanging. Plus, if you don’t label everything, you can’t put them back correctly. If you do this without the proper tools or care, it can damage your doors, drawers, and hardware.
  • Second, we cover the floor, ceiling, walls, stove, dishwasher, and countertop cabinets with special paper. Meanwhile, we create an isolated area while working to prevent dust when sanding and avoid spreading paint everywhere.
  • Third, we clean the cabinets to wipe the dirt, grease, and dust with the right products. At the same time, we look for any damages, holes, and surface irregularities to fix them. Then, we sand the cabinets and applying them furniture primer.
  • Fourth, we start to sand the cabinets and then to apply a coat of primer. This stage is essential to ensure the smoothest results possible. It is necessary to have the right equipment and experience because getting rid of the previous finish could take time. 
  • Fifth, we wipe the slightest dust residue again using Tack Cloth. Then, we start painting. When it is properly dry, we put all back together and clean your kitchen, so it is ready to use right away.  

  To clarify, we highly recommend that you hire professionals painters for a cabinet restoration. You can do a DIY project and save some extra dollars, but this process can be a real headache if you don’t have the time, patience, or skills. Our professional cabinet restoration service guarantees you the best possible job without going through any hassles.  

Cabinet Restoration Ideas

  To sum up, we already talk about pricing, process, and cabinet restoration‘s advantages. Besides, we want to give you some ideas for your kitchen. If you are looking for trendy colors for your kitchen cabinets, consider these colors: 

  • Navy blue. You can match it with brass hardware.
  • Soft gray. It is a very neutral color and reflects calm. 
  • Paper white. It provides a classic look. 
  • Pale green or teal. These colors feel fresh and airy.

  By the way, you can also consider some ideas for painting like pickled wood, linen effects, and faux wood grain.  

Request a Cabinet Restoration Quote in Jefferson

Certainly, cabinet restoration gives you the chance to add new colors or stains to your kitchen cabinets. Additionally, you will have more opportunities to find a suitable style to fit with your current décor or appliances.  At Professional Cabinet Painters, we have 23 years of experience in Cabinet Restorationhelping families to fall in love with your kitchen again. Be free to check our customers’ reviews on Yelp or Google. We offer the best cabinet restoration service in Jefferson, and you can count with us to help you with:

 Finally, you can contact us to talk about your dream kitchen. We will be more than happy to assist you, answer all your questions, and guide you to the entire cabinet restoration process. 




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