Cabinet Restoration in Colorado

Cabinet Restoration in Colorado

At Cabinet Restoration in Colorado, we are Professional Kitchen Cabinet Painters that will improve your home’s value.

Best Cabinet Restoration in Colorado

Is a cabinet restoration a good idea? Yes! It is the way to give a complete change to your kitchen by restoring and painting the cabinets. Besides, it will cost you at least half the price of refacing or replacing the cabinets.

Which update do you want to do in the place where you spend more time? A kitchen cabinet restoration can be the right answer for you and your budget.

As professional painters, we have more than 20 years offering our top cabinet restoration service in Colorado. Our goal is always that you can fall in love with your kitchen once again.

Not only our business cover six counties in the Colorado area but also we serve more than nine cities, including Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, Broomfield, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch.

Cabinet Restoration Services in Denver, CO

When we talk to you about falling in love with your kitchen again, we mean it! So let us walk you through the cabinet restoration main points.

  • First, our process takes between 3 to 5 business days, depending on your kitchen’s size.
  • Second, all our service includes a warranty, experienced professional painters with the best equipment, eco-friendly products, and minor repairs.
  • Third, you can get a free estimate here. Moreover, the cabinet restoration pricing is between $1,800 to $8,000, but it always depends on your kitchen’s layout.
  • Fourth, we are a family-owned business. It means we treat your kitchen cabinet restoration as our home project, and we don’t use subcontractors. Furthermore, we work directly with you from the first phone call until you are using your new kitchen.
  • Fifth, we can also offer you other services: interior painting, interior trim & doors painting, and handles installation.

Cabinet Restoration Process in Denver, CO

When it comes to restoring kitchen cabinets, many homeowners prefer a DIY project. Thus, if you don’t have the time, patience, and the right equipment, this can be a nightmare and not a dream come true.

Our cabinet restoration process is proven and meticulous, it might sound easy, but it isn’t. We leave you here the general details step by step.

  1. First, we remove the doors, drawers, hardware, hinges, using the right tools to prevent any damage. Then we label them correctly to preserve order.
  2. Second, we protect your entire kitchen and appliances, not just the walls, doors, and ceiling. It is essential to create an isolated work area.
  3. Third, we clean all the cabinetry to wipe dust, dirt, and grease with the right products. Simultaneously, we check for damages, holes, and surface irregularities to fix them. Then, we sand the cabinets and applying them furniture primer.
  4. Fourth, we paint the cabinets with the best equipment to ensure a smooth and long-time result. Then, we put them back and clean all your kitchen so you can use it right away.

Finally, each step carries its detail and care. Our professional painters have the experience to recognize whether or not painting your kitchen cabinets is an option. It is not about money; our work is about quality! 

You can request a free, no-obligation quote from our team right now, clicking here or calling us at 720 518-5573.

Cabinet Restoration Company in Denver, CO

In case you are looking for a company to take care of the restoration of your kitchen cabinets, please consider these recommendations:

  • Check references! You can either look on google for reviews or ask previous homeowners directly if they are happy with their cabinet restoration job.
  • Make the right questions! Be free to ask the company if they have the insurance and the correct licenses to operate. Likewise, ask them if they offer you a warranty or if they use subcontractors.
  • Take a look at previous jobs! It is an easy way to know if they already did a job like the one you want to do.
  • Make sure you read the contract before you sign it!

Above all, you need to trust your instincts while hiring a cabinet restoration company.  If you live in the Colorado area, you can quickly check our customer’s reviews on google & yelp. Plus, you can take a look at our previous job galley here.

Your kitchen is the place you visit the most in your home. Furthermore, some home experts consider it the “new living room.” So, it deserves the best! After all, the kitchen sets your entire home’s mood.

We say this so that you do not leave your kitchen cabinet restoration in non-professional amateurs’ hands. In the same way, a DIY project is not always the best idea. It can save you money, but it may not add value to your home.

Cabinet Restoration in Denver, CO

Although we mentioned it before, we want to tell you again where you find our Cabinet Restoration Services in Colorado.

We offer you our restoration cabinetinterior paintingtrim & doors painting, and handles installation service in these counties and cities:

  • Adams and Jefferson: Westminster, Arvada, Thornton, Lakewood.
  • Broomfield: Broomfield.
  • Arapahoe: Centennial, Aurora.
  • Douglas: Highlands Ranch, Parker, Castle.
  • Denver: Denver.

We have the appropriate mechanisms and protocols for Covid-19, so you don’t have to postpone your home improvement wish. Be free to contact us and ask any questions you have!

Cabinet Restoration Is Right For You

To sum up, we want to mention some advantages of kitchen cabinet restoration, just if you still have doubts.

  • It is half cheaper than refacing or replacing your cabinetry. It saves you thousands of dollars!
  • Cabinet restoration lets you refresh your cabinets with the same stain or transform them with a new brand color.
  • It allows you to make proper kitchen maintenance so that it can last at least ten years more.
  • Cabinet restoration gives you the chance to make some other changes. For example: change the cups, bare and wires, or switch the appliances to match the new color.

Overall, if you want to give your kitchen a fashionable new look, please contact us; we are here to serve you and provide you with the best option for your kitchen & your budget. Cabinet Restoration Services in Colorado.



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