The relationship of your cabinets and your countertops are vital to the success of your kitchen. When they offset each other and don’t work visually, it’s distracting for guests and homeowners alike. Here are some tips to avoid having distracting cabinets that don’t fit the rest of the kitchen.


Matching Countertops and Cabinets

Picking Cabinet Materials

Start with which materials you’re going to use for your custom cabinets. Then, you can decide on which countertops are going to be the perfect pairing. For example, darker wood cabinets are going to need light countertops in most cases, like marble or quartz. When perfectly meshed, these materials can make for a beautiful new kitchen layout.

What’s My Kitchen Remodeling Budget?

Set aside a budget ahead of time that you are prepared to stick to. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of running over your budget and overspending on the project. This makes it far more difficult for you to get the results you want and puts pressure on the project’s completion. Instead, financially plan carefully by researching the materials you’ve chosen. You can get estimates and quotes to best assess your needs by square footage, how much of the kitchen is going to be changed in the layout, and more. Luckily, kitchen remodelers can customize their work to your exact specifications when they are experts in the field.

Which Cabinets and Countertops are Best for Me?

Depending on the amount of time you’re willing to put into your kitchen maintenance, you should adjust both your countertops and cabinet selection accordingly. Instead, if you get high maintenance countertops and cabinets that are easily damaged, they’re going to look out of shape fast. Avoid these issues with our high-quality restorative maintenance solutions.

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