Whether your handles and/or knobs in your home are getting old and worn out, or you’re just looking to change up the look of your space a bit, here are some helpful tips on how you can easily and quickly change out that old hardware for a new fresh look in your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever you need new handles or knobs.


Handle and knob installation tips:

  • The right hardware can complement the colors and textures of the cabinets you already have, so pick some that you feel match the look you’re going for in your space
  • Knobs work for drawers and doors and come in almost any shape from square to T-shaped and can be made out of wood, ceramics, or even crystal (choose the shape and material that fits with your space the best)
  • Bar and wire pulls are convenient and work well in more modern spaces
  • Cup pulls are most common in Victorian style homes
  • Use a hardware template because it leaves less room for error (try to find the center and then split the difference in the distance of the hardware from the center to begin drilling)
  • Be sure to drill from the front of the cabinet, drawer, or door because the drill bit will splinter the wood a bit on the backside
  • Double-check the measurements of where you want your hardware before you begin drilling and making permanent holes
  • Install the hardware a bit higher on the lowest drawers/cabinets
  • You can use thread sealant to keep the screws tight throughout the years

If you have any more questions or concerns, or if you think you’ll need some assistance installing the handles or knobs that you choose for your home, please feel free to contact us or fill out a request for a virtual quote today!



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