Interior Trim and Door Painting

At Cabinet Restoration in Denver, CO, we specialize in professional Interior Trim and Door Painting value to your property.

Your interior trim and door painting will impact your home’s curb appeal. Additionally, without strong detail attention, your home’s property value gets minimized.



As professional interior trim and door painters, we elevate your home to the next level closer to being your dream home. Step by step, we are a methodical, quality-driven service with a quick turnaround. On top of our quality, we understand how important it is to avoid damage and issues following installation.

We take all the necessary steps to protect your home. The goal is always a neat and clean final result. To some painters, this simply means scooting a drop cloth around the room as they work. To others, it means using some paper and plastic while being careful not to drip paint where it should not be.

At Cabinet Restoration, we have established a step-by-step interior trim and door painting protocol that we follow with every job to achieve the best results.


Our Best Practices of Door and Interior Trimming!


  1. Remove and reinstall most curtains and blinds
  2. Protect furniture
  3. Remove and reinstall switch plates
  4. Cover and protect flooring
  5. Caulk along baseboards, door casings, and windows
  6. Fill nail holes (unless instructed otherwise) and cracks
  7. Sweep and clean work areas daily and upon completion
Experience a stunning transformation in this open area as the boring stained woodwork, including the cabinets, is turned into a crisp white paint finish. Witness the remarkable rejuvenation as the space becomes bright, modern, and elegant. The once lackluster wood now exudes freshness and vibrancy, creating a visual delight. This transformation showcases the power of a white paint finish to elevate the overall aesthetic and add sophistication to the open area.


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