Handles can perfectly pair with any cabinet color, but it takes a little bit of scheming. Here are some tips to find the perfect cabinet colors and handles to pair with your kitchen.


What makes my kitchen unique?


Answering this question first is necessary. Once you have this prepared, you’ll have a gameplan for what your cabinets and handle pairings are going to accomplish. With the rest of the room ready, your kitchen will have a more cohesive layout.


How is the rest of the layout going to complement your cabinets?


The finish on the rest of your kitchen impacts the cabinets in a major way. Darker colors on the countertops or appliances can open the avenue for lighter cabinets. With lighter cabinets, gold or silver handles are often good pairings. It really depends on the room, though, which you can determine yourself or have professional assistance with.


Rustic vs Modern


Commonly, rustic and modern are the pairings that most homeowners come down to. Modern looks takes a very complete image to be illustrated in the rest of the home. Thematically, your commitment to this as a homeowner will play a large role in if it works or not. More often than not, this will come down to the color pairing choices.


For rustic schematic choices, wood and more natural looks are paired well with darker colors. In regards to handles, these will have an almost pearl color usually, or some kind of secondary color that matches with the cabinet itself. As an accent, some kind of embroidery or outline should be present on the handles as well.


We love working on homeowners cabinets and finding the right pairings for them. To get started, give us a call today and we’ll learn more about the goals for your kitchen. Then, we can go from there in determining how you’ll pair the cabinets most effectively. We’re really looking forward to hearing from you soon!





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