Are you in love with your kitchen, or do you feel it is time for a change? Do you want to change the style of your kitchen, but you don’t dare to check the price? A kitchen renovation is cheaper, faster, and much easier than you think! Here are ten tips from cabinet refinishing experts to help you change your kitchen and save up to 50%.

1. Know the difference between cabinet refinishing and cabinet refacing.

Refacing cabinets consists of covering your cabinet’s exterior surfaces with entirely new doors, veneers, and hardware, preserving the bases. This also involves uninstalling, repurchasing everything, and reinstalling. If your kitchen cabinets are made of real wood, you can refinish them. In the process, you change the color, making also a deep cleaning, spending less money than what you would refacing.

2. Cabinet refinishing prices in Denver.

Let’s talk about the numbers in Denver! The price of our kitchen cabinet renovation service is in the range of $ 1800 to $8,000. It includes the labor of our professional painters, eco-friendly materials, and minor repairs. Maybe you think right now: it is not cheap at all! But replacing your entire kitchen or refacing your kitchen cabinets costs up to four times more. The cost of refinishing cabinets depends on your cabinets’ total linear feet, the choice of finish, the cabinet design, etc.
Feel free to contact our team here for a personalized quote. Each project is different! Let us know your wishes and help you fall in love with your kitchen again.

3. Cabinet refinishing is better with professional painters.

The COVID-19 pandemic made us spend a lot of time in our kitchen, watching many Youtube tutorials, webinars, Pinterest, etc. Although you can paint your kitchen cabinets yourself, professional painters have the experience, the appropriate equipment, and they guaranty a higher quality result. We often receive many calls to repair DIY works done on kitchen renovations, interior, and doors painting. Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it deserves the best!

4. The perfect time to clean your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets renovation is the perfect time to thoroughly clean and organizes everything you have in your kitchen. It is an opportune moment even to:

  • Eliminate what you do not use.
  • Discard what no longer serves you.
  • Discover what you did not know you had.

You will be surprised how much residue or spills that have occurred over the years you will find.  We recommend you to keep your food in a separate room from the kitchen during the painting process because even if we use eco-friendly products, it is necessary to protect them.

5. Paint inside of glass-fronted or open cabinets.

Believe it or not, sometimes people forget to paint the inside of glass-fronted cabinets or open cabinets & shelves! The theme is that they are always in sight, showing what is inside. One tip we can give you is to select a different color pattern in the interiors, it generates intrigue and looks excellent. Our professional painter’s team will always advise you on-trend colors, giving you the best recommendations in terms of style, materials, and fashionable.
Feel free to ask our team here for bits of advice and tips about kitchen cabinets renovation.

6. Fix all the holes in your kitchen cabinets.

It is normal if the cabinets have holes or chips from general wear, but whether you will renovate or refinish your kitchen cabinets, you need to fix all the ugly holes. Keep it in mind!
When the surfaces of the cabinets are not adequately prepared, the paint cannot adhere properly, and the result can be fatal in appearance and cost you more money.
If you decide to fix the holes by yourself, you can find many wood-fillers available at hardware stores, but be sure to select the right one for the paint you have chosen, or you will have to face other problems.

7. Match your kitchen cabinets color with your appliances.

If you are already thinking about renovating your kitchen, take the opportunity to find a color that matches your appliances. For example: if your devices are black and you have oak cabinetry, they will always stand out, but if you use a dark brown color for the cabinets, then the black appliances almost disappear like magic!
In cases where you have many almond appliances, you can paint your kitchen cabinets with similar light “sand” color, and it will work the same, making your appliances fit with your kitchen cabinets.
Like we mentioned before, our professional cabinets painters will help you with the best recommendations because every project matters. Our primary goal is always that you fall in love with your kitchen again.

8. Under and over kitchen cabinet lighting.

Several years ago, over and under-cabinet lighting became a stamp of high-end kitchen design, and it is still a great idea. If you decide to renovate or refinish your kitchen cabinets, you can also consider installing some lights to give your kitchen another touch. You can see a lot of different kitchen styles visiting our gallery.
To DIY project fans, we tell you that you can get lighting strips or spotlights at a price from $ 10 to $ 100, depending on the strip’s quality, length, and all of them are relatively easy to install.

9. Cabinet refinishing lasts more than just painting.

We started explaining that refinishing is not the same as refacing, so we also want to explain to you the ten tips from cabinet refinishing experts that refinishing is entirely different from just painting.
You can paint your kitchen cabinets directly over the top of an existing finish without removing the previous color, so painting is a cheap short fix, it doesn’t give you a long-lasting solution.
Refinishing is a process that you must do step by step, considering all the work details like type of wood, the surface on each cabinet, type of paint, cleaning process, among others. For that reason, it is a complete renovation that will last for years.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and you are the heart of our business. We would be happy to assist you in your home or kitchen cabinets refinishing. Please request a FREE quote by clicking here or giving us a call today (720) 518-5573 to clear your doubts or get the answer to your questions. We are your answer to professional cabinet painters in Denver!



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